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NEM has been around since 1998 (20 years) when I first came up with the idea to the game. The concept is simple: Move around the maze, find the crates with the keys and bring the keys back to the portal to move on. Here's the story:

Quick Story

You are abducted by aliens and wake up to find yourself in a new strange room. You first notice the device you're laying on is glowing, and has weird markings, and what looks to be a place where you would insert a key. You go from room to room, looking for a way out only to find in some rooms a crate. Since you haven't seen anything else around you open the crate and find a colored key with a shape at the top. You remember seeing that mark on machine you were laying on when you woke up, so you take the key back to where you started and find the shape, but the color is different, so you look around the machine and find the shape, and matching key color. You insert the key and nothing happens. Looking at the machine you see there seems to be more keys needed to activate the machine, so you wonder off looking for the remaining keys. Along your way something jumps out at you and starts to attack you, you find a small pipe and beat it off of you. After you have killed the weird creature you see it had a shiny gold piece so you take it, and gain in experience because you now know how to kill this creature.

After you found and opened all of the crates you return to the machine, insert all of the keys and the machine turns on. You're not sure if this is safe, but you step onto the machine and a bright light hits you, and you can't see anything else. After a couple of minutes you find yourself on the machine again. "Did anything happen?" you ask yourself. You look around the room and it looks exactly the same. But it isn't the same machine! You look around and there are more key holes, and the keys are missing...

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