About NEM
NEM Version 2.0! I Decided to make NEM a little more Graphical. I hope this adds more appeal to NEM and with three difficulty levels you will get a challenge. NEM Started out as an idea I (Larry) had in December 2000. If you would like to visit the previous version you can play the Original NEM 1.0 at http://nem.larmib.com

This version of NEM was started on 01/07/2002. NEM 2.0 was released on 02/01/2002.

Moving around NEM
To move around the maze you can do a few things.

  1. Click on the Doors in the direction you want to go N/E/S/W
  2. If you have Internet Explorer 6.x and Netscape 6.x you can use the Arrow keys U/D/L/R or...
  3. If you use Netscape 4.x and above and Internet Explorer 5.x and above you can use:
    (8 or N)/(6 or E)/(2 or W)/(4 or S)
  4. You can open Portals/Boxes by pressing either 5 or O (not 0 Zero)
  5. Keys 7 or F during Fights pushes the Fight option
  6. Keys 9 or R during Fights pushes the Run option
  7. Key 5 can be used to OK, or DONE, or CLOSE (most) windows.

Browser Issues:
Using Opera  browsers: You can ONLY use the first option. Opera does not have the ability to use KeyPress as Internet Explorer and Netscape.

To gain a level in your class you need to speak with your Trainer. The Trainers are the store owners, talk to them and they will help you level.